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The Ten Dumbest Questions Asked by the Dumbest Earthlings

In my travels, I hear some incredibly intelligent statements made by college grads, as well as those who have never gone to college.  Intelligence is intelligence.  Stupid is just stupid.

I’ve come up with some really, really, really dumb questions asked by Neanderthals living among us.  These are the Top Ten:

1.   Will my cellphone and PlayStation work after a nuclear war ?

2.   Can I still get my beer after a nuclear war ?

3.   Will I still get a government check after a nuclear war ?

4.   If my lawnmower is out of gas, will it run if I “THINK GREEN” ?

5.   Will I go to Heaven if I don’t smoke ?

6.   If I give up my guns, will I be FREE ?

7.   If I’m really, really nice to communists and fascists, will they let me keep my house ?

8.   If there is a nuclear war, do I have to take my finals ?

9.   When I get “hit” in a war-simulation video game, will I be awarded a Purple Heart ?

10.  If I drive a car I can’t afford, does that make me rich ?

Welcome Adversity

Adversity builds character.

When’s the last time you heard that?

The propensity of things these days might be so stilted that one could imagine those donning NFL helmets to venture forth into their backyards to prune a rose bush, lest they fall and suffer a severe concussion.  Yes, skateboarders are brats, but there is surely something in the Aristotelian “middle” that can get some successfully through LIFE.

Folks who survived the Dust Bowl (no, Notre Dame was not playing Alabama that year), went on to become successful.  Very few, however, who have attained an “expert marksman” ranking on the latest virtual-war video game have gone on to attain such status; instead, more than likely, they have ended up with a pink slip in hand and a speeding ticket protruding from their mouths.

This is not to say one should “invite”  adversity, but embrace it if it comes your way.

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