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HyperInflation of the Fourth Kind

There was a study released not long ago that states an “epidemic” exists in America of folks thinking they are something they are not.  Psychiatrists have observed that some folks, apparently more folks than anyone would ever believe, think they are actually characters in reality TV shows and the like.

As a retired psychotherapist, I found this study of interest.  I have personally witnessed signs of this “epidemic.”  I recently encountered a supermarket employee, who claimed to be a paramedic (who knows, he may actually be one).  Anyway, this person went on to give me medical advice, concerning a comment I had made, which would elevate him to the status of an M.D.  I have noticed other incidents of this “epidemic.”  I must report that I concur with this study.

We see signs of this everywhere.  We have people who watch insipid CSI “dramas,” and rattle on and on about forensics as if they held a Ph.D. in microbiotics.  We have people who watch spy movies, and think they work for the C.I.A.  We have people who play military-inspired video games, and think they are U.S.M.C. aviators or four-star generals.  We have others who watch Jersey Shore nonsense, and go out to bars acting less than dignified, if you know what I mean.

Worse yet, we have doctors thinking they are God, politicians thinking they are statesmen and a President who thinks he’s a king.

Perhaps it’s time for some folks to take a “chill pill”  (no, not Ambien or diazepam), and risk being REAL.



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