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America, Unite !

When American citizens “back in the day” took typing classes, they trained on a phrase that goes like this:  “Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.”

It is now time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

We are being threatened by communist bullies in North Korea who do not think like you and me.  They are sociopaths.  Mad men.  Rabid dogs.  One cannot negotiate with such “people.”  This “coexist” thing going around today is mindless apathy.

It is time to put your flag out in front of your home, apartment or erstwhile dwelling and commit yourself to the defense of this country.  Disregard the silly propaganda paraded around on the Net.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Net.  But employ critical thinking, intellect, logic, common sense.

Resist divisive rhetoric.  Resist false claims.  Resist ridiculous propaganda paraded forth by lunatics.

Perhaps, the North Koreans are bluffing.  Our Secretary of  Defense doesn’t think so.  He is taking the North Koreans very seriously.   Whether one is a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Whatever, one needs to realize that freedom is, in fact, not free.

I recall the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It was not a fun time.  I lived in a city that was a primary target.  People back then, at least, talked of “current events,” unlike today, with some seeking to run from the  truth.

We can only have Faith that things will work out, but in the meanwhile remain vigilant.

Insurrection On The Mount

So let me get this straight.  Ms. Clinton waves some greenbacks in Egyptian El Presidente Morsi’s  face, allowing the “bad guys” to further arm Hamas so we  (in the name of the American Public)  can have an “accord” and “cease fire,” while our Generals, West Point to the man, present their “guns” to girls who work for God- knows- who as our fleet of  Mayflowers go adrift in the Middle East to “aid American citizens in the region.”  This sounds so like LPs  we’ve listened to before that have warped so badly under the Sun.

Now “we” have the Fourth Reich established in Egypt, with a quid pro quo guaranteed by Uncle Sam, while the young ones in Egypt just want a job.  Meanwhile, back in the Holy Land of America, people are knifing those who cut in line at the local Walmart during the media-behemoth-produced  Black Friday.  A bus gets bombed in Israel while a bratty bratwurst gets the best damned deal on a 46-inch LCD TV.  Now that’s what I call an Insurrection on the Mount.

U.S. State Department: America’s New Pentagon?

We have witnessed horrendous events in recent days.  Attacks on American embassies.  The murder of  our consul to Libya.  And horrendous events at home, as well.  We first have Ms. Clinton’s misguided comments that only a “small group” of individuals were involved in this travesty, despite governmental assessments to the contrary.  We then have the U.S. State Department, under the direction of  Ms. Clinton, not only laying blame at the doorstep of the CIA but some American “pastor” who reportedly planned to show Innocence of  Muslims, a film shown in a Hollywood theater years ago, during his live-streaming 9/11 memorial show called “Judging Mohammad Day” that may have appeared on his website (which now does not exist!) prior to the embassy attacks.  The screening of the original film that the “pastor” had planned to share with his congregation was actually cancelled.  Curiously, the U.S. State Department failed to mention the recent Pakistani drone attack that killed key terrorists in that nation, nor did it see fit to make  any connection between the attacks and the anniversary of 9/11.  Then we have the Cairo embassy statement (directed by the U.S. State Department) apologizing to the attackers who murdered our consul, burned the American flag, and committed other vile acts that defy description.   Then the coup de grace:  The Establishment Media, mirroring the words of nations antagonistic to America, blames the whole affair on a “gaffe” by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Even the Fox Network swallows this line.  To make matters worse, the on-line edition of a major TV network has no mention whatsoever of any attacks, but instead informs us Americans of some problem somewhere involving a “straying cat.”

Calming (rather than wagging) the dog, General Dempsey, the head of the Joint Chiefs, joins the chorus by reportedly phoning the “pastor,”  no doubt at the behest of Ms. Clinton and the U.S. State Department, to chastise him for a non-existent showing of the aforementioned film, after the embassy attacks have occurred.  In addition, we now learn that U.S. Marines may not have even been given live rounds to defend our Cairo embassy.

Do the Joint Chiefs of Staff now take orders from the U.S. State Department?  Does Ms. Clinton now “outrank” the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force?  Is Ms. Clinton now the de facto President of the United States, while the one we elected slithers off to Las Vegas to meet his bundlers?

These may seem outlandish questions.  But are they?  At a press briefing not long ago, Ms. Clinton led in General Dempsey, stoop-shouldered, as if he were a cow being led to auction.

If the U.S. State Department has morphed into the Pentagon, then perhaps it is time for Congress to drastically cut funding to this new behemoth.  Perhaps it is time for those in Washington to get a grip on reality, and realize just how foolish they appear to the American public.  John and Nancy Q. Public deserve better.



Backchannel This, Mr. President

Let’s not mince words.  We are on the verge of World War III.  Meanwhile,  Mr. Obama, the President of the United States, refuses to talk “publicly” with Israel’s head of state and, instead, backchannels a chat, providing the anti-semitic hordes with a publicized Israeli snub.  These are not the actions of a Statesman.  Israel has been attacked over and over again without one word of outrage from this President.  And when the stakes rise, Mr. Obama feigns.  This telegraphs an impression to the world that the United States does not support Israel.   Ms. Clinton’s recent comments have not helped matters.  The impression that is being created, whether intentional or not, is that the United States supports terrorists, namely Islamic fascism.  Do we, as Americans, recall  9/11 ?  It was not that long ago.  The mission of any sane country is to avoid war, but when events reach a point of no-return, it is incumbent upon a country to preserve itself.  Israel has the right to defend itself against hatred and sociopathy.  As an historical note, every country that has turned its back on Israel has suffered self-inflicted damage.

Pentagon: The Little State Department

I begin this article by saying I have the highest regard for men and women serving in our Armed Forces.  I, furthermore, greatly admire and respect our Veterans of current and “forgotten” wars.  All the men in my family have served in the U.S.  military.  My mother was a personal secretary to a general at a munitions facility during World War II.  It is with deep regret that I feel compelled to share my personal views of the Pentagon.  The “voice” of the Pentagon, in its current configuration, mimics the voice of the U.S. State Department.  It is a voice we have heard before.  It is the voice of appeasement, the status quo and self-serving interests.  We read of generals being put in Leavenworth for quid pro quo deals with defense contractors.  We read of higher-ups chastising troops expressing natural frustrations.  We read of the downplaying of  Russian intrusions into American airspace and territorial waters.  We read of gross counterintelligence failures, most notably at Fort Hood.  We read of fallen soldiers being denied “live” taps at funerals because of “fiscal concerns.”  We read of horror stories at the VA.  We read of Arlington Cemetery foul-ups.  We read of soldiers being reprimanded for the most trivial of matters, while higher-ups in the Pentagon retire with swollen pensions, paid for by the American taxpayer.  The list goes on.

Let’s get to the bottom line.  The Pentagon has not won a war in over 60 years unless, of course, one counts Iraq which was indeed won but is now unraveling due to incompetence and elitist group-think.  This is not the fault of our fighting men and women

The future of the Pentagon, which I hope will once again be vital and healthy, is in jeopardy.  The Pentagon is like a listing ship heading perilously into an iceberg of entitlement.

Some say morale in the U.S. military is low.  If true, it is easy to lay blame.

Military higher-ups need to look in the mirror and ask themselves these questions:  Am I in uniform out of a sense of duty, or am I here for self-aggrandizing reasons?  Is it duty, or the pension and “goodies”?

How the brass answers these questions will determine the fate of the Pentagon.

It Can Happen Here

As a preface, I will state, I am not an alarmist.  Anything but.  However, facts are facts.  Facts today suggest that the United States is extremely vulnerable to a direct attack by nations antithetical to our beliefs.  There are intelligence documents (declassified), valid news reports of  late that suggest we in America are as vulnerable as we ever have been in the history of our Republic.  There have been reports of  Russian aircraft penetrating American airspace.  There have been reports of Russian submarines off the coast of  New York and in the Gulf of Mexico.  There are reports of terrorists, as many as a quarter-million, in Central America who are capable of tunneling under borders into this country.  This threat is compounded by the fact that most of our men and women in uniform are “over there,” not “here.”  In addition, much of our military armaments (ships, tanks, etc.) are  “over there.”  I’ve spoken with numerous military veterans who state a direct attack on our country is “very likely.”  These are not panicky folks I’m talking about, but seasoned war veterans.  Why has the Obama Administration not dispatched Navy destroyers into the waters along our coastline?  Why is this Administration so soft on Russia and other countries that despise us?  Why is our military not on a higher alert status?  For those who think “it can’t happen here,”  I suggest they read the book of the same title, or perhaps view the film, TORA TORA TORA.


General Dempsey Ain’t Listening, Romney


CNS News recently asked the presumptive Republican candidate for President, Mr. Mitt Romney, his stand on illegal immigration.  The mainstream media missed the point ONCE AGAIN.  Mr. Romney says he would allow YOUNG illegal aliens to join the U.S. Army as a trade-off for their bad (and illegal) behavior.  Perhaps it is time for Mr. Romney to take a chill pill and talk to those military folk out there before he speaks so carelessly.  General Dempsey, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  is on the spot.  He should respond, as a military commander, to this notion fostered by the sycophants who currently surround Mr. Romney.  Perhaps it is time for the leadership of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to go back to the “drawing board” on their respective nominees.

Faith (Not Hope) And a Whole Load of Logia

Life is like war.  One has to have faith that the outcome will be achieved.  Life is difficult.  Life is unfair.  Life is GOOD.  Life, like war, requires persistence, recollection and faith.  Logia comes in various types:  in life, passion, compassion and commitment come into play.  In war, well, things such as patriotism, passion, and “the objective” come into view.  There is an interplay here.  People are people.  And people want to be free and to live their lives in their own way. as long as they don’t bring the house down.   We as people need to cooperate, but not collectively.  We in the United States are individuals, not automatons.  When, and if, war comes between our great country and those who would strip us of our freedoms, these knaves will ultimately fail.  They lack Faith.  One can “hope” for a new car, a new refrigerator, a new-and-better turkey baster, but one cannot replace Faith.  A great man once said:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  He was right on target.  God bless America.

We the People

Attack Iran?



Iranian position paper

Action, Not Rhetoric, Madam Secretary


Madam Secretary with friends

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who once admitted “channeling” the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt, is again talking tough to Russia and China “over there.”  Back in America, she resumes her dovish, pacifist stance at the expense of our armed forces.  A high-placed confidential source tells  “The damned State Department is the problem!”  In recent weeks, on at least two occasions, Russia has invaded American airspace.  Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, speaking before a conference sponsored by the Defense Forum Foundation in Washington, D.C., expressed deep concerns about “American weakness.”  Four-star Marine Corps General James Mattis states that “negotiating” with Iran is a waste of time.  Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Maj. General Paul Vallely, authors of Endgame:  The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, would no doubt agree with Mr. Rumsfeld and Gen. Mattis.  It is time for action, not rhetoric.

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