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Netwits of the Fifth Kind

I have been on a kind of hiatus of late, checking out the mental hygiene, if you will, of those posting on the Net these days.  There is good news and bad news.

First, the good news.  I have observed that about 25% of those posting on the Net these days are rational, intelligent and exhibit good manners and a command of current events.

Now for the bad news.  My observations lead me to believe that 50% of those posting on the Net are CLUELESS.

More bad news.  The remaining 25% are hateful, narrow-minded, drawing false conclusions about just about everything.  These types rarely post, but rather attack those who do.  There are also stalkers on the Net who track those who say they love America, or those who support our troops.  Whatever you do, never question the validity of statements emanating from the mouths of political icons, like Sarah Palin or the Tea Party.  Some of the nastiest, most vile, comments have come from these groupees.  Question:  Where was the Tea Party during the Clinton years?  Where were they when Reagan was getting beat up in the Press and elsewhere?  Where were they when George W. was under assault?  It seems they emerged only after we elected a black President.  I am a harsh critic of Mr. Obama’s policies, but I refuse to undergo some deranged litmus test to prove my loyalty to this country.  Our family has fought communism and other forms of extremism for over a half-century.  Where was the so-called Tea Party during those years?  Then, of course, you have the uninformed on the Left causing their own brand of mischief.  Can’t we stop the madness !?!

We have become a country of extremism, both on the Right and Left, leaving the rest of us perplexed, frustrated and worn out trying to make ends meet, while these tyrants and rabble-rousers trample on our Constitution, or pervert our Constitution to their liking, or act like anarchists in search of a “cause.”

On a positive note, I actually made many friends on the Net, some from my native state of  Texas.  To one new-found friend, a Vietnam vet, I responded once:  “We have to stop meeting like this.”  A very nice gentleman.  (He got the joke.) Which brings me to another point:  many on the Net these days have absolutely no sense of humor.  Zilch.  We are talking zombie, or pre-zombie here.

It’s like a friend of mine once told me, back in the day, “There are those who are in on the joke of life.  And those who are not.”  I might put it this way:  “Get a friggin’ sense of humor, and learn to go with the flow.”


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