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Getting a Grip

We’ve experienced some disturbing events of late in our great Nation.  What is even more disturbing are the ways in which the powers- that-be have attempted to use these events as leverage to promote teetering agendas.  But these attempts have failed.  The Washington Establishment has become frustrated to the point of distraction.  When politicos fail to get what they want, they become expulsive.  Like malevolent children, they throw things at us.  In the wake of the Boston tragedy, they realized they failed to protect the American public once again, while inflicting untoward damage on our common freedoms.  It is at times like this that the Washington Establishment, abetted by those in the media, tend to hurl huge “things” at us, one would guess out of  the need to let off steam.  Through their bourbons-darkly, they apparently see “The People” as those “out there” who just don’t get the complexities of it all.  So they come up with such things as “Taxing the Internet.”  One about to be subjected to electroshock could undoubtedly see the logic of it all.  As for the rest of us, we just don’t get the “wisdom” in it.  It is much like Dorothy’s visit to the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.  It is the same disconnect.

Now the spinsters are trying to say, in essence, that the sky is falling.  But is it really falling?  They say we are all stressed out, and becoming unhinged.  Of course, these conditions do not exist in the Beltway.  Heaven, forbid.  

Expect other “things” to be hurled at you, Giant-atop-the-Beanstock style.  More taxes, hidden and otherwise.  More privacy intrusions.  More fiery rhetoric about those “other Americans,” outside the Beltway.

If only we had Dorothy’s ruby shoes.


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