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America, Unite !

When American citizens “back in the day” took typing classes, they trained on a phrase that goes like this:  “Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.”

It is now time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

We are being threatened by communist bullies in North Korea who do not think like you and me.  They are sociopaths.  Mad men.  Rabid dogs.  One cannot negotiate with such “people.”  This “coexist” thing going around today is mindless apathy.

It is time to put your flag out in front of your home, apartment or erstwhile dwelling and commit yourself to the defense of this country.  Disregard the silly propaganda paraded around on the Net.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Net.  But employ critical thinking, intellect, logic, common sense.

Resist divisive rhetoric.  Resist false claims.  Resist ridiculous propaganda paraded forth by lunatics.

Perhaps, the North Koreans are bluffing.  Our Secretary of  Defense doesn’t think so.  He is taking the North Koreans very seriously.   Whether one is a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Whatever, one needs to realize that freedom is, in fact, not free.

I recall the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It was not a fun time.  I lived in a city that was a primary target.  People back then, at least, talked of “current events,” unlike today, with some seeking to run from the  truth.

We can only have Faith that things will work out, but in the meanwhile remain vigilant.

The New Fascism

In tribute to Mayor Bloomberg, who has single-handed spawned the real-life remake of  ” Escape From New York,” I feel compelled to elevate his agenda to an “11.”  From this moment forward:

1.   No one will be allowed to display more than 15 bumper stickers on their auto;

2.   Those who hate cigarette smokers will be required to smoke 60-ring gauge double-maduro cigars for a period of one year;

3.   Those who like Willie Nelson will be required to listen to AC/DC non-stop at the nearest reeducation center;

4.   Those who spit on military veterans will be summarily executed;

5.   Those who espouse vague philosophies will be required to return to the third grade;

6.   Those who have no idea what I’m saying right now will be required to ingest a double-espresso;

7.   Everyone will be required to enjoy a Big Gulp under the auspices of the local police;

8.   Anyone who actually enjoys movies put out by Hollywood today will be required to have a lobotomy;

9.   Momma Boys will be required to pay for their own Humvee;

10.  Those who yak all day on cell phones will henceforth have to listen to themselves in an isolation chamber;

11.  Those who don’t play their stereos loud enough will forever be dubbed nerds.

See ya.




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