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Insurrection On The Mount

So let me get this straight.  Ms. Clinton waves some greenbacks in Egyptian El Presidente Morsi’s  face, allowing the “bad guys” to further arm Hamas so we  (in the name of the American Public)  can have an “accord” and “cease fire,” while our Generals, West Point to the man, present their “guns” to girls who work for God- knows- who as our fleet of  Mayflowers go adrift in the Middle East to “aid American citizens in the region.”  This sounds so like LPs  we’ve listened to before that have warped so badly under the Sun.

Now “we” have the Fourth Reich established in Egypt, with a quid pro quo guaranteed by Uncle Sam, while the young ones in Egypt just want a job.  Meanwhile, back in the Holy Land of America, people are knifing those who cut in line at the local Walmart during the media-behemoth-produced  Black Friday.  A bus gets bombed in Israel while a bratty bratwurst gets the best damned deal on a 46-inch LCD TV.  Now that’s what I call an Insurrection on the Mount.

A Publisher’s Rights !

Someone slipped me a manuscript the other day.  It was a science-fiction novel.  The novel was set on some planet called Incredulous.  On this planet, the writer warns, is this slab of  land run by a narcissistic ruler embroiled in scandal.  This ruler, it seems, is at war with people across the sea he actually likes.  His generals, meanwhile, are conquering concubines and losing wars that were never declared.  At one point in the novel, an assistant to the ruler threatens to punch out a snoopy reporter asking questions about horse meat.   Strange.  It goes on to detail an economy in turmoil, with people unable to pay their rent or house payment, while insurance agents in drones yell out:  “We’ve got the best price on health insurance!”

As you readers can see, the manuscript was too divorced from reality to be considered for publication.  In the end, I had to assign it to the slush pile.

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