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Backchannel This, Mr. President

Let’s not mince words.  We are on the verge of World War III.  Meanwhile,  Mr. Obama, the President of the United States, refuses to talk “publicly” with Israel’s head of state and, instead, backchannels a chat, providing the anti-semitic hordes with a publicized Israeli snub.  These are not the actions of a Statesman.  Israel has been attacked over and over again without one word of outrage from this President.  And when the stakes rise, Mr. Obama feigns.  This telegraphs an impression to the world that the United States does not support Israel.   Ms. Clinton’s recent comments have not helped matters.  The impression that is being created, whether intentional or not, is that the United States supports terrorists, namely Islamic fascism.  Do we, as Americans, recall  9/11 ?  It was not that long ago.  The mission of any sane country is to avoid war, but when events reach a point of no-return, it is incumbent upon a country to preserve itself.  Israel has the right to defend itself against hatred and sociopathy.  As an historical note, every country that has turned its back on Israel has suffered self-inflicted damage.


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