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Ryan Hits Home Run. And Then Some.

Rep. Paul Ryan, the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party, hit a home run with his speech at the Republican National Committee.  His words were profound, enlightening and electrifying.  His delivery was extraordinary.  I have heard many political speeches through the years, but this ranks as one of the most memorable.  It was a speech for posterity, not mere beads of words threaded for the pop culture set.  His speech was forceful, yet kind.  Serious, yet witty.  These were the words of a Statesman.

I am a Boomer.  I have an enormous amount of respect for Generation X.  They, like the baseball pitchers of fame, are the closers.  Mr. Ryan represents the best of this emerging generation.  (And anyone who appreciates AC/DC is okay with me.)

God bless America.


Godspeed, Mr. Armstrong

I have had the honor of associating with gentlemen with the Right Stuff.  I was deeply saddened by the death of  Neil Armstrong, who placed his foot on that orb (the moon) that  floats around us.  I was raised in an aerospace environment, if you will.  There are many among us who have the Right Stuff.  They may be educators.  They may be military personnel.  They may be the women who serve us a hamburger with a smile at the local diner.  For me, Neil Armstrong and all of his compatriots will forever be in my heart.  They exemplify the spirit that has made this country,  the United States of America, so great.  I, for one, will miss Mr. Armstrong and the spirit he brought to our country.

Neil Armstrong is on the moon!


It Can Happen Here

As a preface, I will state, I am not an alarmist.  Anything but.  However, facts are facts.  Facts today suggest that the United States is extremely vulnerable to a direct attack by nations antithetical to our beliefs.  There are intelligence documents (declassified), valid news reports of  late that suggest we in America are as vulnerable as we ever have been in the history of our Republic.  There have been reports of  Russian aircraft penetrating American airspace.  There have been reports of Russian submarines off the coast of  New York and in the Gulf of Mexico.  There are reports of terrorists, as many as a quarter-million, in Central America who are capable of tunneling under borders into this country.  This threat is compounded by the fact that most of our men and women in uniform are “over there,” not “here.”  In addition, much of our military armaments (ships, tanks, etc.) are  “over there.”  I’ve spoken with numerous military veterans who state a direct attack on our country is “very likely.”  These are not panicky folks I’m talking about, but seasoned war veterans.  Why has the Obama Administration not dispatched Navy destroyers into the waters along our coastline?  Why is this Administration so soft on Russia and other countries that despise us?  Why is our military not on a higher alert status?  For those who think “it can’t happen here,”  I suggest they read the book of the same title, or perhaps view the film, TORA TORA TORA.


Men in Black at the London Olympics?

I watched Men In Black 3 recently and enjoyed it, I must sadly admit.  It got me thinking about time travel and parallel universes.  In a parallel universe, the current Olympic Games, the “London Games,”  might go something like this.  Edward the VIII is dropped by parachute into the opening ceremonies of  “The Games,” followed by an exquisitely choreographed group of androgynous folk dancers in German SS uniforms strutting to the  chimes of  Sleeping Beauty.  Germany and Britain win all the medals, while the Finnish skier weeps.  But, alas, there is a happy ending.  The Scots win the gold for enduring buffoonery.


This has been a week in which we have witnessed the best and the worst in the U.S. Congress.  House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica advised that the General Services Administration should “duck and cover,” after  fallout over the GSA’s “mismanagement” of taxpayers’ monies.  Lavish parties.  Who knows what else?  Meanwhile, the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security got hoodwinked in the form of ” former” U.S. Marine John Halinski of the TSA.  Halinski obviously thinks a lot of himself, coming off as if he were a five-star general who took Iwo Jima all by himself.  Halinski is no General Mattis (a real Marine Corps general).  Halinski, we believe, will have a short tenure at TSA, much to the pleasure of Democrats who set him up to take the fall in the first place.  We feel certain that Gen. Mattis got a good laugh out of this.

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