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Can We Get on to the Real Affairs of State, Yet?

The Los Angeles Times just ran a story straight out of The Lancet, the official publication of the British medical establishment.  The Lancet is a highly respected medical journal.  We now know that as many people are dying worldwide from lack of exercise as do from smoking.  I find this ironic, here in my own hometown.  Our local university recently strung a huge banner, reminding all passersby that this particular Ivory Tower is a non-smoking establishment.  The real corker is that the banner, the size of the Hindenberg, was strung across city property, a city in which smoking is legal.  It is truly unfortunate when folks fail to discern the difference between a rule and a law.  We understand there is a certain pharmaceutical company that produces a prescription drug to get “the folks” off of nicotine which, incidentally, has been shown, in some cases, to produce heart attacks.  We understand that Ivory Towers across the United States receive monies from these “friendly” pharmaceutical companies for being right proper cheer leaders for “the team.”   I recall a time when universities promoted “Academic Excellence.”   Personally, I like to walk my dogs and enjoy a good double-Maduro cigar when I arrive home.


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