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Faith (Not Hope) And a Whole Load of Logia

Life is like war.  One has to have faith that the outcome will be achieved.  Life is difficult.  Life is unfair.  Life is GOOD.  Life, like war, requires persistence, recollection and faith.  Logia comes in various types:  in life, passion, compassion and commitment come into play.  In war, well, things such as patriotism, passion, and “the objective” come into view.  There is an interplay here.  People are people.  And people want to be free and to live their lives in their own way. as long as they don’t bring the house down.   We as people need to cooperate, but not collectively.  We in the United States are individuals, not automatons.  When, and if, war comes between our great country and those who would strip us of our freedoms, these knaves will ultimately fail.  They lack Faith.  One can “hope” for a new car, a new refrigerator, a new-and-better turkey baster, but one cannot replace Faith.  A great man once said:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  He was right on target.  God bless America.

We the People


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