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Target: America

The United States Air Force has begun drone-tracking civilian vehicles here at home, according to recent news reports (click here).  This action has become a major PR disaster for the Pentagon whose armed forces have failed to win a war in 65 years.  It would seem appropriate that the bloated Defense Department pick on somebody its own size, like the Russian or Chinese armed forces rather than the American taxpayers who fund DOD, but this seems unlikely given the Pentagon’s lack of readiness.  This is the same Pentagon that “lost” over a trillion dollars, much to the consternation of former Secretaries of Defense Robert Gates and Donald Rumsfeld.  In the not too distant future, we may see jet aces (the guys who actually pilot planes) mothballed and replaced by technology that is both foolish and easily hijacked by terrorists and other miscreants (click here).  The American public’s patience with the Pentagon is wearing mighty thin these days.  I suppose we will have to allow Israel to fight our battles for us since our current Joint Chiefs lack the stomach to confront the pacifist State Department.


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