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Homeland Security: A Bridge Too Far?

There was a fine film made some years ago entitled A Bridge Too Far.  The film was based upon an actual military campaign during World War II.  As the title implies, the mission was overly ambitious and ended dismally.  In recent years, we have seen other “bridges” that, perhaps, should never have been built.  One can only wonder what was in the minds of the individuals who came up with the idea of the Department of Homeland Security, as if we weren’t already awash with federal departments here in the U.S.A.  Has the Department of Homeland Security become a bridge too far?  Actions by this department have, if anything, created the perception of an out-of-control behemoth with no guidance control.  This past week, the Department of Homeland Security refused to share its database of illegal immigrants with Arizona and Florida which, for somewhat different reasons, need this information to maintain law and order.  Regardless of what Mr. Holder or the current resident of the White House may think, illegal immigration is, well, illegal.  If we, as a country, allow illegals, some of whom may be terrorists, to enter our country, then what may we next expect?  Russian and Chinese troops enjoying the fine cuisines of America’s great cities?  Every “bridge too far” is a slippery slope to disaster.  To the point, is it time for Congress to pull the plug on Homeland Security?  Don’t count on it.  Bureaucracies are virtually indestructible, much like asteroids, until they crash into something.  In 1963, Harry Truman stated that the worst mistake he made during his Presidency was the creation of the National Security Act.  If he were alive today, he no doubt would have believed that the Department of Homeland Security was a “bridge too far.”


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