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UFOs to Attack London Olympics!?!

Will UFOs from other planets attack the upcoming London Olympics?  British UFO writer Nick Pope, a former employee of  that country’s Ministry of  Defence, warned of this possibility in the June 7, 2012, on-line edition of the Daily Mail.  He went on to assert that the Ministry of Defence “has planned for the worst outcomes,” specifically, “attack and invasion.”  Amazingly, Mr. Pope seems to have virtually no concerns over a possible terrorist attack, a rational and far more reasonable concern for Olympic officials.

I met Mr. Pope in the late 1990s at a large gathering of  UFO enthusiasts in England.  I was an invited presenter from the United States, following publication of my book, The Great UFO Hoax (Galde Press, 1997).   While my talk was well-received by the audience, it went over like a lead balloon among other presenters, all of whom held firmly to the belief that Earth is being regularly visited by ET.  In my book, I argue that many “UFOs” seen racing through our skies are, in fact, secret military aircraft, mistakenly identified by otherwise honest witnesses.  A growing number of  UFO investigators now agree with my conclusion.  I often remark to UFO enthusiasts, promoting one sighting or another,  that they need to ask the question, “Was it built by Boeing or Lockheed?”  This may seem like an odd question, but it goes to the real meat of the matter.

U.S. intelligence agencies are rightfully concerned that an influx of  UFO reports, whether generated by UFO devotees or malevolent  foreign powers, could interfere with the military’s ability to properly defend this country.  Unfounded reports of  “alien craft,” they argue, could clog military channels, allowing for a very real invasion by terrorist nation states or other adversaries.  Recently declassified documents reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency has, in the past, resorted to such techniques as a cover for spy craft overflights of other countries.  One may only speculate on  Mr. Pope’s true motivations.  In any event, his pronouncement, intentionally or otherwise, lays the groundwork (and possible cover) for future terrorist activities in London and elsewhere.

Earlier this month, an experimental drone was transported on a flatbed truck down a major thoroughfare near Washington, D.C.  This event resulted in a rash of 911 calls from people claiming to have seen a “UFO.”  We, in the U.S., are lucky that a major terrorist attack did not occur during this time frame.  The resulting chaos might have been devastating, leaving military and intelligence officials befuddled just long enough for our Nation’s capital to be wiped off the face of the map.

Will aliens attack the London Olympics?  No.  Will a terrorist attack occur there?  We can only hope not.




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