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Give Unto Caesar!

There is an old adage:  you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.  Apparently, the Obama Administration thinks it can.  President Obama is having difficulties in the Middle East,  so he is now shifting attention to those “nasty college students,” who are, incidentally, voicing displeasure at the possibility of  Obama being elevated to the level of Caesar via a second-term in the White House.  According to recent statistics, only one in two college graduates is being rewarded for their hard work with a real job.  To the point, there are no jobs to be obtained.  Now our  Caesarian President wants to make these very students he “harvested” for votes a few short years ago to be hounded by collection agencies and by all other vile means.  We can only imagine what Mr. Obama has in mind for the labor unions that are retreating from him as if  he had the plague.  Will we someday see a return to debtors’  prisons that existed in the Eighteenth Century?  Who knows?




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