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Is the 24/7 Media the New Terrorists on the Block?

As a former newspaper editor, I am appalled at the 24/7 news folks and their accomplices at NBC, ABC and CBS.  This fiefdom has done more to diminish our Republic than any terrorist group.  They openly air national security secrets, placing at risk our courageous intelligence and military operatives.  They pump up the volume on tawdry court cases, rather than probing stories of interest to the American public.  Has anyone noticed how soft they are on the Wall Street gang?  During the 1960s, the media painted a false picture of  college students.  Turning on the tele, one would think that every college student was a radical.  In fact, the vast majority of students back then were conservative.  Today, we get  the Casey Anthony barrages with Nancy Grace’s running mascara.  It is time for ombudsmen in these corporations to exert some muscle.  It is bad enough that our own government has failed to appoint sufficient inspector generals to oversee the daily operations of departments that are supposed to represent the People.  We need to see a restoration of  Trust and Ethics at all levels.  Otherwise, we just might end up a third-world country.  I hear Greece is nice this time of year!?! 

Socrates. This guy did ethics,
big time!


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