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Campus Cops Are Not U.S. Marshals

Placing your hand on another person in a menacing manner is a felony.  These campus cops, seen herein, are, in my opinion, guilty of a civil rights violation under Federal Law 18 USC 241.18 § 241.  Hopefully, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or a Federal Judge, will intervene in this matter and conduct a full investigation.  Regardless of  their particular cause, whether they be Christians or Atheists, these students  have the right to assemble.  It is, after all, their tuition that makes it possible for these “officers,”  many of whom do not have college degrees themselves, to have a paycheck.  This scene reflects poorly on the fine law-enforcement officers who do uphold our Constitution and laws.  Since when have campus cops become Constitutional lawyers?  The entire affair is reminiscent of  Nazi Germany in the 1930s.


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