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Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Hydrogen

There is a scene in the Sixties film, The Graduate, wherein a business tycoon takes aside this really bratty twerp and tells him the future can be summed up in one word, PLASTIC.  If this film were to be made today, and I were the screenwriter, I might have the tycoon say,  HYDROGEN.

Hydrogen is the future of energy.  Few talk about it, so you know its on the back burner.  Forget windmills, or whatever they’re called, and all that other stuff you hear about on those inane 24/7 news programs.  Hydrogen is the real deal.  NASA currently uses hydrogen fuel cells in its spacecraft.  So does the military.

Multiquip, an up-and-coming concern, employed one of its zero-pollution hydrogen fuel cells at the Kennedy Space Center for the final launch of the shuttle craft.  The media was pleased.  The unit was able to produce lighting for the entire press gallery.  In California, Hummer, owned by General Motors, has had the opportunity to show off  its prototype  H2H, a hydrogen-powered sport utility truck.  Again, no pollution.   And no need to go begging to OPEC. 


Hydrogen, supplemented with geothermal and methane energy producers, will propel us into a blissful energy future.  However, it will take world leaders with great vision to drag us into true modernity.  The sticks-in-the-mud will resist.  But we must take this bold action, as President Kennedy did with the space program, in order to fulfill mankind’s manifest destiny.  The energy companies need to mount this energizer bunny ASAP.  Time is not on our side, at least when it comes to developing a coherent energy policy.  


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