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Questions the Media Has Failed to Ask Mitt Romney

In an interview with Fox News, Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee for President, was asked his views on Faith.  His response should have triggered speculation.  Romney stated that he regularly reads the New Testament of the Bible.  Does this imply he ignores or otherwise has disdain for the Old Testament, the “other” book of Scriptures?  The perception could be that he is cleverly giving Israel the brush-off, as the Old Testament is their book of worship. 

And there is more.  Why has he not addressed specific issues regarding privacy and individual freedoms?  What is his position on the use of domestic drones?  What does he think about the dangers of  surveillance “mission creep” ?  The truth of the matter is he has never been asked these questions by the media, which does not let him off the hook for failing to address these key issues in the first place.

Will Romney, or his surrogates, allow Ron Paul, if he so desires, to speak before the Republican Convention?  Or will the Rules Committee see to it that the coronation goes on without a hitch. 

Is Romney too slick for Americans to trust?  Romney’s posturing reminds this commentator of John Edwards and others who were later discovered to have spooky skeletons in their closets.


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