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Drones Redux

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell recently stated that the domestic use of drones over U.S. soil is “great,” adding that this activity is “the right thing to do.”  The right thing for whom?  He claims to be concerned with protecting the lives of police officers.  Will these officers of the law he professes to adore eventually be replaced by these flying contraptions.  The governor has support from Representative Joe Barton of Texas who is also atwitter over the prospect of drone operators peering at bathing beauties splashing about in their backyard swimming pools.  It might be time for Governor McDonnell and Representative Barton to lay aside their copies of Mein Kampf. 

MI-6, the British spy organization, has warned intelligence officials here about overreliance on surveillance cameras.  They discovered that, in many instances, operators of surveillance devices in their own country were found straying from their primary objective, namely protecting British subjects  from terrorists.  We can only assume there are numerous pictures of bosoms popping up on the Internet as a result of these operations!?!  It should be noted that MI-6 issued its warning prior to any discussion of launching domestic drones. 

There are other, more obvious, objections.  Here in the United States, the FAA has its hands full preventing commercial and private planes from smacking into one another in our overcrowded skies.  Throw drones into the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.  The FAA Modernization and Reform Act, allowing the domestic use of drones, will likely come back to haunt the very agency it was designed to improve.


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