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Enough to Raise Fiorello La Guardia From the Grave

Dementia is defined as a severe impairment or loss of  intellectual capacity and personality integration.  This brings to mind New York  City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s epiphany to ban the sale of all large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street vendor sites in the Big Apple.  This is the same titan of industry who hardly blinked an eye when a mosque was to be built at the site of the Twin Towers jihadist attack, otherwise known as 9/11.  Mr. Bloomberg reminds one of  the character in the Sixties novel,  Night of  Camp David.  Of course, the novel deals with an even more esteemed official, the President of the United States.  Can we assume that the mayor was denied sodas as a child, or does he hold stock in companies that produce artificial sweeteners for diet drinks, which he has so boldly announced will not be prohibited to his subjects in the various boroughs of  New York City?  We in the reality bubble can only wonder.


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