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Keep the Faith

Today everyone is an economist─newscasters, Wall Street hipsters, traders, the Fed─everyone who is NOT an economist who tell us that we just “might” be entering a second recession.  How many REAL economists does one see on television today?  Pretty much, none.  To be an economist, you have to have a Ph.D. in reality, not virtual reality.  When the likes of Marc Faber starts hollering “100% chance of global recession,” perhaps people need to listen.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s not the right time to purchase a brand new car.  I’m an unrepentant free enterpriser, but let’s get real!  Consider renting, rather than owning, a home.  Downsize.  I think this pretty much tucks in with the Forbes folk, who really know the pulse of the Nation.  Will we survive?  Of course.  It’s called Faith.


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