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A Restoration of Trust

During my travels throughout  America and elsewhere, I have had the opportunity to meet officers of many different police forces.  I have enjoyed my conversations, and moments of levity, with these dedicated individuals.  Call me a square, but I actually support the police.  However, I and others have noticed a disturbing trend today among this institution─the overreliance on technology and the enforcement of activities ungrounded in the spirit of the law.  A casual perusal of newspapers and television station reports reveals vortexes of abuse.  Shutting down a child’s lemonade stand in the name of the law, or flying a drone over someone’s ice cream truck, does not, to me, stand the test of Constitutional rigor.  A few years ago, the Boston Police Department, according to press reports, starting “walking the beat,” as police officers did in past decades.  This simple approach resulted in a 60% or so reduction in crime.


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