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Enough to Raise Fiorello La Guardia From the Grave

Dementia is defined as a severe impairment or loss of  intellectual capacity and personality integration.  This brings to mind New York  City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s epiphany to ban the sale of all large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street vendor sites in the Big Apple.  This is the same titan of industry who hardly blinked an eye when a mosque was to be built at the site of the Twin Towers jihadist attack, otherwise known as 9/11.  Mr. Bloomberg reminds one of  the character in the Sixties novel,  Night of  Camp David.  Of course, the novel deals with an even more esteemed official, the President of the United States.  Can we assume that the mayor was denied sodas as a child, or does he hold stock in companies that produce artificial sweeteners for diet drinks, which he has so boldly announced will not be prohibited to his subjects in the various boroughs of  New York City?  We in the reality bubble can only wonder.

Keep the Faith

Today everyone is an economist─newscasters, Wall Street hipsters, traders, the Fed─everyone who is NOT an economist who tell us that we just “might” be entering a second recession.  How many REAL economists does one see on television today?  Pretty much, none.  To be an economist, you have to have a Ph.D. in reality, not virtual reality.  When the likes of Marc Faber starts hollering “100% chance of global recession,” perhaps people need to listen.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s not the right time to purchase a brand new car.  I’m an unrepentant free enterpriser, but let’s get real!  Consider renting, rather than owning, a home.  Downsize.  I think this pretty much tucks in with the Forbes folk, who really know the pulse of the Nation.  Will we survive?  Of course.  It’s called Faith.

The Warrior Who Would Be a Social Worker

During the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, the Joint Chiefs of Staff was hawkish, going so far as to advocate a first strike against this country’s archenemy, the Soviet Union, according to reliable sources.  Today General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, calls the shots.  He makes Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s notorious appeaser, seem like Genghis Khan.  He has stated publicly and in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee that actions of war, involving U.S.military personnel, must have an “international legal basis.”  He has furthermore implied disdain for the U.S. Constitution, skirting around the issue of American constitutionality like a nervous bride on her honeymoon.  Dempsey is catching flak from his own generals, members of Congress and leaders abroad.  His remarks, largely ignored by the media, reveal a sycophant comfortable with Iran and its minions/controllers who threaten the security of the world.  Only a psychiatrist could determine if the General’s opinions are motivated by ideology or fear.  The perception could be that General Dempsey is more concerned with his personal golden parachute than the very real possibility of enemy chutes opening in the skies over America.

A Restoration of Trust

During my travels throughout  America and elsewhere, I have had the opportunity to meet officers of many different police forces.  I have enjoyed my conversations, and moments of levity, with these dedicated individuals.  Call me a square, but I actually support the police.  However, I and others have noticed a disturbing trend today among this institution─the overreliance on technology and the enforcement of activities ungrounded in the spirit of the law.  A casual perusal of newspapers and television station reports reveals vortexes of abuse.  Shutting down a child’s lemonade stand in the name of the law, or flying a drone over someone’s ice cream truck, does not, to me, stand the test of Constitutional rigor.  A few years ago, the Boston Police Department, according to press reports, starting “walking the beat,” as police officers did in past decades.  This simple approach resulted in a 60% or so reduction in crime.

National Socialists 1, Greece (Socrates’ City-State) 0

Nationalist German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Socialist French President Francois Hollande have revived a reverie of yesteryear by ousting Greece from the EU.  Did someone hit the reset button for 1933?  Sounds Vichy to me!

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Congressman Christopher Smith of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights this day stood forth on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, displaying what defines we Americans.  His courageous efforts in defense of Chen Guangcheng can be viewed on C-SPAN.  Human rights are human rights, whether it be China or the United States of America.

New Braunfels Oddity

There is a medium-sized city in central Texas that is now flying its American flag at half-mast.  This is the city of New Braunfels, located between Austin and San Antonio.  According to an informed source, the flags at the Comal County courthouse (in New Braunfels) and an immense American flag off a major highway nearby are flying at half-mast by orders of  “the government.”  We are told that flag hoists are “electronically” controlled at the highway site.  American flags are not to be flown at half-mast except in the event of the loss of high officials in Washington, D.C., as every school child should know.  Queries to officials have gone unanswered.

Drones ‘R’ Us

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer has issued a stark warning to Americans, liberals and conservatives alike, regarding the use of drones over American soil.  He urges an immediate ban on these “weapons of war.”  Democratic Congressman Ed Markey agrees, predicting a “political tsunami” if such warnings go unheeded and Americans awake to find their freedoms gone.  Republicans remain mum on this issue.  President Obama has promised to “regulate” drones.  A large surplus of drones exists as the Afghan war winds down.  Follow the money.

Islamists Nix Fun

According to the Associated Press (May 14, 2012), Islamists in Northern Mali have gone on a rampage, destroying cathode ray tubes (otherwise known as TVs)  and video games they deem UNIslamic.  I do not forsee a bright future for the imposition of Shariah law here in America!?!

Ron Paul Out?!?

Some might construe this as a “hidden” endorsement for the current front runner, Mitt Romney.  What do you think?

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